Semalt: Exploiting Google's Search Engine Console For Better SEO Performance

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Google Search Console?
  3. How to Setup Google Search Console
  4. How to Use Google Search Console for SEO
  5. The Benefit of Using Google Search Console for SEO
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Google Search Engine is one of the leading search engines in the world today. Millions of people use it every day to find answers to many common questions, such as how to lose weight, how to get into college, how to get a job, etc.  Due to its widespread popularity, every website wants to rank high on Google to increase brand visibility, traffic, and sales. Unfortunately, not all pages can land on Google's first pages. 

Google uses different factors to rank the search engine performance of website pages. Some of these factors include the relevance of a webpage and its content, the number of indexed pages, keyword relevance, keywords volume, and relevant links. The Google Search Engine Console can help you track, monitor, and improve all these and more.

2. What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is an application by Google that allows webmasters to track and understand their sites' performance on Google. To set up Google Search Console for your website, you need to, first of all, understand how it works. This tool allows site owners to view the progress of their site's rankings, how much time a visitor spends on a particular page, and a host of other useful information about search engine performance and how well it ranks for a specific keyword.

The great thing about Search Console is that it allows you to check your ranking history over a period of time. You can see if your site has dropped out of the top ten results due to poor ranking, or you can see if you've made progress with improving your rankings. There are several sub-tools available to help you manage your Search Console. Some are free while others are available for a fee.

3. How to Setup Google Search Console

  • Signing Up
Google provides the Search Console with reports on your website once you have registered for it. If you don't have an account with Google Search Console yet, then it is recommended that you register for it. Once you register with Search Console, it is easy to access the report you need. You can read the report, see your site's stats, and make any changes that you feel are necessary.

To set up Google Search Console for your website, you need to sign up. This is done by following the simple steps found on the main page. There are a few short steps that you need to follow to get your Google account set up. Google offers a free account that will allow you to view the search engine results. You might also want to pay a token subscription fee and get access to the more detailed reports. 

Once you have an account registered, you will be able to monitor your site and update it as you need. After creating a search, you can go to the Search Console report and click on the "All Tools" link. A page will load and then you click on the "Search Console" link under the report heading. You will be taken to Google Search Console, a site where you can view the entire list of keywords that your site has indexed.

Once you have located this area, you will need to click on "Sign up," followed by entering your email address and password. Your code will then be sent to your email address. This will allow you to keep track of what search terms are being used to visit your website.
  • What Makes up the Console and Report 
Now that you know how to set up Google Search Engine for your website, it is time to find out what the reports contain. For example, the most basic report tells you how many users are using your site. If your site is attracting very few visitors, then you should consider changing your content to attract more people. 

If you don't have many visitors, it might be worthwhile to change the site's title to something that will attract more visitors. This might involve changing the site design and adding backlinks. Changing your site's design will make it easier to attract more people to increase your ranking and improve visibility.
  • Change Site Design?
If you feel that there is no reason to change the site design, then you should just keep the old design and upgrade it a bit. However, if you have a site that is attracting plenty of traffic and noticed that people are not clicking on your links, you should try to change the design. An important thing to do is to read the instructions carefully to see if there is anything you need to change. 

The instructions may ask you to change anything from the HTML codes to your site's Meta tag. Once you have changed your site's appearance, and you have all the needed code in place, you will need to make sure you check how to set up Google Search Engine for your website again. If you already have a site that is hosted on Google, you can go to your webmaster account and find the "Search Engines" section. This is usually where you should put your site's URL.
  • Save Settings
Here, you will have to click "Settings" and then click on the appropriate button to switch the setting on the Google search engines that you want your site to be listed on. This will ensure your site is listed in search engines. As long as you have the correct settings, then you will see that you have your site listed in the appropriate search engines, and you will see the "Google" icon displayed next to the name of your site. 

This will be shown in the drop-down list when you enter a particular search term. You can also change this icon to any other site that you want and use the arrows to move it from the right to the left so that you can create your own link to your site. If you can't make the changes yourself, Semalt can help you with this.

4. How to Use Google Search Console for SEO

If you want to make your website more competitive on the Internet, then you need to learn how to use Google Search Console for SEO. The Google search tool can be used different purposes, but it has a particular function in this niche that many people don't know about. 

A. The Site Stats

What you will want to do is find out how much search engine traffic your website has gotten. This can be done by clicking on the "Site stats" tab. Here, you can see how many people have searched for the products or services that you offer. If your website is not getting the number of visitors you think it should, you may want to make some changes.

B. Categories Available

When you are looking at how to use Google Search Console for SEO, you will want to use the different categories that are applicable to you. You will want to look for what products or services are available for you to advertise. Once you are able to select a product, you will then be given the option of entering the URL to your site. 

This is just a quick way to tell the search engine that the search you conducted was successful. If you enter a URL that does not match the keywords that you were looking for, then the search may be unsuccessful. If you don't know how to use Google Search Console for SEO, Semalt's SEO consultants can guide you through the processes and provide you with diverse Semalt tools and services that can help you optimize your website for higher rankings.

5. Benefits of Using Google Search Console for SEO

With Google search console, you can see the number of clicks or visits that came from other websites' links to your site. You can also track the number of links pointing to your site as well as the popularity of those links; the more the number of high authority links, the more popularity and traffic your website will get. You'd also be able to track your links that might be broken or missing. Additionally, the search console can help you detect spam links pointing to you. 

Using a report from the Google Search Console, you can carry out keyword research and optimization. It is also possible to see the number of searches and the search engine positions that your website gets. The Search Console can also help you track the progress of your SEO campaigns and track your keywords. If you are able to understand the different keywords that you need to use for your website, then you will be able to come up with new ideas that will help improve the quality of your site.

Apart from that, the other things that you can track through the Google Search Console are the number of bounce rates, the bounce rate of your ads, and also the CTR (click-through rate) of your ads. The CTR refers to the percentage of people who clicked on your ads. The higher this number is, the more people are actually visiting your website and the more potential customers you will have. The Google Search Console can help you figure out which pieces of your content are well-optimized well and the ones that need modification.

6. Conclusion

If you want to optimize your site and webpages to fit search engines' requirements, then you should take advantage of Google Search Console. Google search console has diverse sub-tools that can enable you to track the performance of your website.  Asides from that, Google Search Console can help you see the amount of organic and paid traffic that is coming from the different sources and keywords. You can even track the number of visits to your website and the number of pages you are getting.